Feed Utah Food Drive

1. Just Serve – Please have those who wish to serve go to JustServe.org and sign up to
volunteer on Saturday, March 18, either at a participating food pantry (not all food pantries
in Utah are receiving donations), or at Macey’s grocery stores. Each pantry or Macey’s will
post their volunteer numbers, hours, and needs on JustServe.org. Utah Food Bank will also

post the Just Serve link on utahfoodbank.org under the ‘Feed Utah’ event. We invite full-
time missionaries to participate in this service, as directed by their mission president.



2. Door Hangers (1700 per stake) will be available March 6 for pick up at the location closest
to your stake center (see below). Stake YM presidents or their representative will pick up
and distribute to local units for delivery door-to-door. In smaller cities, please call/email
the local food bank for office hours before picking up door hangers.


3. Between March 13-16, we invite Primary children, ages eight and older, their leaders, and
parents to safely distribute door hangers to ALL neighbors, including apartments, within
their ward boundaries. The door hangers request non-perishable food donations, with a
reminder not to donate expired food. There is also an option to safely donate online via the
QR code found on the door hanger, if desired. Please do not deliver to mailboxes.


4. On Saturday, March 18, beginning at 9 am, we invite young men, young women, their
adult leaders, and their parents to safely collect non-perishable food donations left at donors’

homes within their ward boundaries, and, if possible, sort like items together before drop-
off. (This will speed up the process at drop-off). Deliver to a drop-off site.



5. Donation sites for food drop-off: Not all Utah food pantries are participating or wish to
receive food donations. Choose the site closest to you. All donation sites will be available
on UtahFoodBank.org/FeedUtah

May the Lord bless all who serve, especially our children and youth as they learn, lead, and
grow through meaningful service.

With love and appreciation,