Edgemont North Stake
Self-Reliance Courses

Fall 2023

Five Self-Reliance courses are being offered.
Classes begin August 31st at 7pm and run for 10 to 12 weeks
(depending on the particular course).


Courses are free and include a course manual. The first class for each course will be held at the Stake center. 

The subsequent weekly classes will be held at times and locations selected by the participants.

Individuals 18 years and older are invited to attend. No prior approval is needed.


For details on self-reliance and the benefits of attending, 

contact your Elders Quorum President or Relief Society President.


For additional information or help signing up,
call or text any of the Stake Self-Reliance specialists:
Keith Stott – 480-848-1888
Barbara Stott – 480-848-1941
Dirk Cline – 801-369-0889
Karen Cline – 801-901-3637

You Can Have A Better Life
And God Will Help You

Self-Reliance Groups Offer
Practical Courses with Spiritual Benefits

Practical Courses With Spiritual Benefits

Self-Reliance Course Materials

Answers to Common Questions
About The Courses

Testimonial Stories of Self-Reliance

Edgemont North Stake

Self-Reliance Course Registration

Click on the course title you are interested in

The link will take you to the corresponding registration page on the church website. 

You will need to sign-in to your church account as part of the registration process. 

After you’ve registered, you will be contacted by a Stake Self-Reliance specialist.